A Dance with Dragons

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A Dance with Dragons (No Measure)


4min at easy “”warm-up”” pace

4min Standing from moderate to fast pace

2min at 3-4 damper

2min at 6 damper

1min Standing Fast

1min recovery at 1 damper

12min on damper 5-6

1min recovery on damper 1

12min standing damper 10

5min recovery at 1 damper

5min on damper 8

2min recovery on damper 1

5min standing damper 10

2min recovery on damper 1

Duration: 59min

Jon Snow (Time)


2000m (Easy/moderate)

-Rest 3:00-

8x500m ruck run (20/14)

-100m walk b/t each round-



10 Sets

400m Run (fast)

-100m walk b/t-

Athletes Notes

Score is the 10 sets total. Do not score the 2000m warm up

For the ruck pace, choose a sustainable moderate pace throughout and keep the feet moving!

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