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Our Mission

Our mission here at P6 CrossFit is to ensure that every one of our members are ready for whatever life throws their way. Whether that be the 80 year old Grandmother that doesn’t want to worry about falling and not being able to get up, too the kids at any of the local schools, the diabetic that needs help reversing that diagnosis, too the competitor that is looking to compete in fitness competitions, the person that has always struggled to lose fat and keep it off with all the FAD diets, or the person that has always struggled to put on muscle. Here a P6 CrossFit we have an extremely wide variety of members that make up our community and chances are you probably know at least one of them. They may be your doctor, your lawyer, your electrician, your plumber, your nurse, your teacher, your children’s teacher, your landscaper, or the waitress that served you dinner last Friday night, any and every one can do this, as long as they have the drive to want to better themselves in a more healthy manner.

Our programming at P6 allows you to see fitness in a whole new way! Our training methods provide results for all levels of fitness; from children to elite athletes, and everyone in between. Our workouts, at P6 CrossFit, are designed to improve each member’s general physical preparedness. That means members will see significant improvements in mobility, speed, strength, and coordination over time by following our programming.

CrossFit has put a definition to fitness – increase work capacity across broad times and modal domains. We accomplish this by performing constantly varied, functional movements at high intensity. Our workouts will never change from this approach. Some workouts will take you 4 minutes and others will take you 40 minutes. Some workouts will use heavy weights (but will be scaled to meet your personal ability) and others will use no weights. Some days we might lift before our workout, some days we row, bike, or run, and some days we practice handstands or work on rope climbs. We want to be good at everything, not great at just one thing.

What does the word FITNESS mean to P6?

Chances are if you are checking us out you have already identified some of the pitfalls of other training programs and globogyms that say they provide their clients with improved fitness but understand that if you are only paying a minimal membership you won’t hold yourself accountable. We aren’t a normal gym because normal gyms don’t promote REAL fitness. Fitness isn’t just about how you look or how many miles you can run. Fitness encompasses much more. It carries over to how you work, play, eat, and live your life.

We view our training program as a method of improving and reinforcing important character traits. Some of these traits include confidence, discipline, courage, honesty, dedication, and perseverance. Chances are our workout will be the toughest thing you do all day. People leave our gym feeling as though they have already conquered the world. What we do can directly improve a person’s outlook on their day-to-day routine. We see people every day reduce their stress and anxiety as well as gain more energy to be able to accomplish whatever life throws at them. The BEST part is that real fitness is accessible to everyone regardless of age or athletic background and/or ability. There is no shortcut, to living and a better HEALTHIER life, besides hard work, and that is all we will ever ask out of our members.

P6’s views on NUTRITION

CrossFit will help you reach your goals, nutrition will help you reach your goals, but the two together are unparalleled when it comes to meeting and exceeding those goals.

Imagine this, everything you put in your body is either going too positively, or negatively impact your health, mood, sleep, and ability to achieve your desired health and fitness goals. Unlike most gyms, our staff and coaches are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to diet and nutrition. Nutrition is so important to us that it is actually the first lecture provided when going through your introductory classes. Our nutrition plan is easy to follow and is founded on the principle of real food = real results. Our goal isn’t to have you cut out all of the foods you enjoy, but we will work with you on gradually living a healthier lifestyle that will support you and everything you do for years to come.

P6 Staff

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