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Expanded Line Drill Warm Up (No Measure)

1: Karaoke drill: high knees opening up the hips in a lateral movement from inside to outside leg, then step behind and repeat. Then repeat the other direction

2: Over the hurdle: forward progress high knees opening the hips

3: High Knees: pull knee to chest as your moving forward

4: Figure 4: bring ankle up (into a figure 4) and pull

5: Three second walking lunge (extend hands overhead if more stretch is needed)

6: Walking Lunge with twist to the front leg side

7: Toes touch (right toe-left hand), try not to lean back

8: High Knees: Start in place, then lean forward to move forward

9: Butt Kicks: Foot comes from behind not straight up

10: Straight leg drill: shallow heel height keep legs straight, touch heel to the ground before the other leg moves

11: Sidestep: Hips back and lowered, right leg stretches out and left leg come to right for the whole distance, the face the opposite way and repeat

12: Same as Sidestep but as an upright jumping jack.

13: On the ground: sit at a 90 and pace elbows like your running for 20 second, speeding upas time progresses (think elbows down and back)

14: Standing: same as above ^^^

15: Walking: knees out heels driven forward about 4″ apart, as you step try to drive your heels forward

16: same as above but toes pointed towards each other, heels elevated a bit

17: Heel walk: Walk on your heels

18: Toe walk: walk on your toes

19: Walk on outside of foot: Knees out a bit, but still standing tall, and take half steps

20: Walk on inside of feet: Knees in

21: Fast feet: try to step every 3 feet as fast as possible

22: Sprint 2/3rd of distance slow down over the other 1/3 (20/40/60yards/ 10/20/30yards)

Andy Dwyer (Calories)


5min at easy “”warm-up”” pace

30min at moderate/fast pace

(OR 30 min as:

5×1:30 standing Fast/damper 10, followed by 1:30 seated recovery/damper 1-3,

5×1:00 standing recovery/damper 10, followed by 1:00 seated faster/damper 4-5,

5:30 standing fastest/damper 10 , followed by 5:30 seated recovery/damper 1-3)

10min at easy “”cool down”” pace

Duration: 45min

April Ludgate (Time)

Run “Anaerobic Capacity”

3 sets:

200m sprint, 100m walk,

200m sprint, 100m walk,

200m sprint

Rest 3min b/t sets

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