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Everyone Grab: Band, Barbell and weight being used in workout

1. Banded 5’s

2. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate

6 minute AMRAP

15/12 Calorie Ski (OR Row OR 10 Inchworms)

6 Bird Dogs (each side)

9 Pike Push Ups

6 Strict Pull Up

3. Workout Prep

1 set (at workout pace)

5 GHD Sit Ups OR 5 V Ups

1 Rope Climb (or 4 Body Pulls)

3 Shoulder Press (115/80)

Back in Black (Time)


AMRAP 3 Minutes

21 GHD Sit Ups

3/2 Rope Climbs

Max Shoulder Press (85% 1RM)

– Rest 1 minute, then repeat until 45 reps of Shoulder Press are complete –


The SCALING aim is to stay consistent and have at least 40 seconds of time left for handstand push ups.

AMRAP 3 MInutes

21 V Ups

8 Body Pulls

Max Shoulder Press (85%-90% 1RM)

Rest 1 minute, then repeat until 30 reps of Shoulder Press are complete –


Target Time: 9-12 minutes

Time Cap each set: 15 minutes


A great gymnastic triplet that will challenge you physically and mentally while pushing to your muscle endurance limitations.

The stimulus is trying to maintain high intensity when in the workout and keeping consistent reps to chip away at the Shoulder Press Total.

Be smart about when to break and when to push cause this one will sneak up on you fast.


GHD’s: Non-stop has to be the goal if you want to have a shot at getting multiple strict handstand push ups in. Use arms and hips together for explosive reps and have chalk on the hands ready to rope climb.

Rope Climbs: Jump as high as you can for every climb making sure that once to the top you get down as quickly and safely as possible. Scale to body pulls if needed to keep moving.

Shoulder Press: Your Arms and core will become more and more fatigued as the workout goes on so we recommend getting a big and comfortable set out of the way (not to failure). Then transitioning into smaller more manageable sets with quick turn around on rest. Never rest at the bottom and at any point you find yourself resting at the top set the bar down and shake the arms out instead of holding.

The goal should be to have at least 40 – 60 seconds to perform Shoulder Presses. If you have less than that in Rd 1, start scaling.



3-4 rounds:

50′ Banded side step (each side)

20 Shrimp Squat (total)

10 Weighted Single Leg Glute Bridges (light/moderate) (each side)

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