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Grab: Straight Band, Hip Band, Spread Boxes out

1. Banded 5’s

2. Hip Activation

* 10 Side step R/L

* 10 Forward/Backwards Walk R/L

* 10 Glute Bridges

* 10 Single Leg Glute Bridges R/L

* 10 Bird Dogs R/L

* 10 Squats

3. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate

1 Round of:

1:00 Cardio (start easy and build in intensity throughout the round)

20 Alternating Leg V Ups

10 Box Step Ups

10 Inchworm into Strict Pull Up

4. Workout Prep

1 set (at workout pace):

3 Burpee Box Get Over (48/40)

9/6 Calorie Cardio

6 Alt V Ups

3 Bar Muscle Ups (Pull Ups)

Christmas Fudge (Time)


Advanced RX+:

25 Burpee Box Get Overs (48/40)

50/40 Calorie Bike

50 GHD Sit-Ups (OR 75 Alternating V Ups)

25 Bar Muscle-Ups

50 GHD Sit-Ups (OR 75 Alternating V Ups)

50/40 Calorie Bike

25 Burpee Box Get Overs (48/40) (OR 50 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20))

Build RX:

25 Burpee Box Jump Overs (30/24)

40/32 Calorie Cardio

50 Alternating V Ups

20 Strict Pull Ups

50 Alternating V Ups

40/32 Calorie Cardio

25 Burpee Box Jump Overs (30/24)


25 Burpee Box Step Ups with h/K (24/20)

50/40 Calorie Cardio

30 Reverse Burpees

50 Banded or Jumping Pull Ups

30 Reverse Burpees

50/40 Calorie Cardio

25 Burpee Box Step Ups with h/k (24/20)


Time Cap: 20 minutes

Time Cap for RX+: 25 minutes

This workout is from the Mayhem Classic which seems like ages ago! It is a great chipper testing endurance, midline capacity, and your ability to just get work done!

Pace this out from the beginning and see how well you can build speed or hold onto a manageable pace.


Burpee Box get over: Keep these smooth and aim for non stop movement. Really utilize your arms on the “get over” portion to keep them quick with a fast turn around

Assault Bike: Hold a moderate/fast pace here. Aim for the same time on each of the assault bike portions. A good pacing goal is 400+ watts for men and 325+ watts for ladies.

Sub 600m Run for Bike if needed

GHD Sit Ups: These will compound with the bar muscle ups sandwiched in between. Know your ability on these and break with quick rest as needed. Be aggressive with your arm.

Bar muscle ups: The set here is challenging, but not so big that we can’t get through them relatively fast. We’d like you to push the pace on these and aim to get back to the GHDs where you can keep movement going!

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