Day One On-Ramp


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2020 New Year Schedule

Thursday December 31st: 1 Class at 11am, END OF 2020 WOD

Friday January 1st: Closed

Saturday January 2nd: Closed

P6 CrossFit – On Ramp

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On-Ramp Day 1 (AMRAP – Reps)

Main Movements:

Air Squat

Front Squat

Overhead Squat

Put each member through squat therapy and annotate the nearest distance they can achieve.

Check for butt wink (If so have them try a goblet squat to see if that fixes it)

Supplementary Movements:

Wall Ball




As many reps as possible in 8 min of (AMRAP 8):

10 Wall balls

8 Situps

6 Burpees

Run 100 meters

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