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Grab: Band, Hip Band, Barbell and workout weight, and a long band if needed for your workout

1. Banded 5’s

2. Hip Activation

* 10 Side step R/L

* 10 Forward/Backwards Walk R/L

* 10 Glute Bridges

* 10 Single Leg Glute Bridges R/L

* 10 Bird Dogs R/L

* 10 Squats

3. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate

1 Round

1:00 cardio (start easy and increase intensity each round)

5 Empty Barbell Thrusters

10 Hanging Scap Retractions

5 Kip To Swing

10 Empty Barbell Deadlifts

4. Workout Prep

1 Set: (at workout pace)

6 Wall Ball (at workout weight)

3 Toes to Bar

3 Chest to bar Pull-ups

3 Deadlift (at workout weight)

Eggnog (Time)



75 Wall Balls (20/14)

25 Toes to Bar

25 Chest to bar Pull-ups

25 Deadlifts (315/225)

Fat loss: RX

80 Wall Balls (16/10)

30 Toes to rig

30 Banded Pull-ups

30 Deadlifts (185/125)

Muscle Build:

50 Wall Balls (30/20)

20 Strict Straight Leg Raises

20 Banded Pull Downs

20 Deadlifts (275/195)


Target Time: 9-10 minutes

Time Cap each set: 14 minutes


This 4 part chipper will allow us to attack each movement with a lot of intensity. The goal is to build in intensity through each movement, so we are emptying the tank on the deadlifts.

The workout will test a lot of capacity as we move through squatting, pressing, upper body gymnastics and pulling from the ground to finish.


Wall Balls: Attack these with as much intensity as you can while being able to get to the toes to bar without more than 10-15 seconds rest after the last wall ball. We’d recommend 3 quick sets or 2 sets if you are great at wall balls. The unbroken strategy probably isn’t worth the spike in heart rate and muscle fatigue (but if you’re feeling froggy, we can’t stop ya!).

Toes to bar & Chest to bar pull ups: Think of this as a set of 50 since we are going straight into 25 chest to bar pull ups. 3-4 sets on the toes to bar and then 3-4 sets on the pull ups is a good goal. Only do less sets on each movement if you can hold a consistent rep count throughout.

Deadlift: Your grip will be fatigued here and paired with a high heart rate. Aim to hit in sets of 5-8+ and mentally remember it is the last portion. Don’t sacrifice form, but push the pace so you can finish strong

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