At P6 we welcome everyone, regardless of a what level they’re starting at. Our athletes see results because regardless of age and experience, our coaches instruct and motivate in a fun and engaging manner. Workouts are varied, intense, and smartly designed to promote change every day. We don’t just push you, we teach you how to get more out of yourself and desire more from yourself.

Step 1

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Your first visit with us will be about 15-30 minutes long. We’ll introduce you to our staff and take a tour of the facility. Then we’ll sit down and talk. We want to get to know you and your fitness goals, and then together we’ll decide what your best path will be – Small Group Classes, Personal Training, or a combination. The good news is that we have a variety of programs available for whatever your needs may be.

Step 2

Once you’re ready, you’ll most likely start with Personal Training (4-8 On-Ramp Sessions) so you can learn the movements you’ll be using. (If you’re already an experienced CrossFitter, please let us know in case you want to test out instead.) This will keep you safe and ensure you get the most out of your workouts; we will also go over nutrition during this process to ensure you get the best result possible.

Step 3

After you have completed the On-Ramp process and we agree that you are ready for group classes you will finally understand what our community is all about. We’ll start you off with a 3 day per week membership and build off of that if we agree that is the best prescription for your personal goals.

Don’t procrastinate, book your appointment TODAY!

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