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Everyone Grab: Band, Hip Band, and Dumbbells for the Workout.

1. Banded 5’s

2. Hip Activation

* 10 Side step R/L

* 10 Forward/Backwards Walk R/L

* 10 Glute Bridges

* 10 Single Leg Glute Bridges R/L

* 10 Bird Dogs R/L

* 10 Squats

3. Workout Prep

1 Set: (at workout pace)

12/9 Calorie Row

12/9 Calorie Assault Bike


3. Workout Prep

25ft Front Rack Dumbbell Lunge (with workout weight)

5 Burpee to Bar (6in)

Jurassic Park (Time)


Every 5 Minutes (4 sets)

30/24 Calorie Row

30/24 Calorie Assault Bike

-At 20:00-

For time:

60/45 Calorie Row

60/45 Calorie Assault Bike


Every 5:00 (6 sets)

25/20 Calorie Row

25/20 Calorie Assault Bike

-At 30:00-

For time:

50/40 Calorie Row

50/40 Calorie Assault Bike


Target Time sets 1-4: 3 minutes

Time Cap sets 1-4: 4 minutes

Target Time Set 5: sub 6 minutes

Time Cap Set 5: 8 minutes


The Stimulus today is high intensity but non-sprint level. The intensity should be kept around 75-80% on both movements and potentially higher near the end of each bike. Focus on maintaining pace that can be repeated across rounds.

Goal is to score similar times with each round or get slightly faster throughout the workout.


Row: Focus on long, strong pull rather than quick, shortened pulls. Reach full extension with each pull for the most efficient form. Pace should be around 70-80% effort while making sure not to burn out on the row. Wind down on the last few calories down to catch breath before moving to the bike.

Bike: Let’s plan to ramp up quickly for the start (as usual) and settle into a sustainable effort. But make sure to push through the last few calories. Pace should be slightly faster then row (80-85%+ intensity).

Clever Girl (Time)


150ft Front Rack Dumbbell Lunge (50s/35s)

50 Burpee to Bar (6in)

150ft Front Rack Dumbbell Lunge (50s/35s)

-Rest 5:00-

75ft Front Rack Dumbbell Lunge (50s/35s)

25 Burpee to Bar (6in)

75ft Front Rack Dumbbell Lunge (50s/35s)


150ft Front Rack Dumbbell Lunge (40s/25s)

35 Burpee to Bar (6in)

150ft Front Rack Dumbbell Lunge (40s/25s)

-Rest 5:00-

75ft Front Rack Dumbbell Lunge (40s/25s)

15 Burpee to Bar (6in)

75ft Front Rack Dumbbell Lunge (40s/25s)


Target time workout 1: sub 10 minutes

Time cap workout 1: 13 minutes

Target time workout 2: sub 5 minutes

Time cap workout 2: 7 minutes


Stimulus is moderate intensity with steady pace. The first set of lunges will make the jump to the bar during burpees that much more difficult. Break lunges into manageable lengths and burpees should be done in consistently paced sets with minimal breaks.


Front rack dumbbell lunge: Lunge is performed with two dumbbells. There is no grip standard except that one hand must be in contact with each dumbbell at all times. Dumbbells can be stood upright on the shoulders or horizontally (front to back) on traps. An “improper” movement standard would be the stutter stepping at the top of each lunge, lunging without passing through full extension at the top, and lunging too short causing the knee to travel significantly past the toes. Take a breath in at the top of each lunge and then breathe out when standing out of lunge to help maintain core stability. The weight selected should allow you to complete the 150ft lunge in a 50ft length or more before resting. We encourage the use of knee sleeves to cushion the knees and keep them “warm.”

Burpee to bar: These are in contrast to the “over bar” or “box jump over” style we often do. This will cause us to reach full extension each rep and touch the bar/target. Ideally it is 6″ outside of your max reach. Keep a consistent pace.

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