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Warm-up (No Measure)

Warm up: 3 Rounds of

20 sec Squats

20 sec rest

20 sec Jumping jacks

20 sec rest

20 sec Mountain Climbers

20 sec rest

Warm Up Games “Speed Drills” (No Measure)

Class Size



Finish First


Lay out in a line towards the rig:

Plates 2x10s, 2x25s, 2x35s, 4x45s, 2x35s, 2x25s, 2x10s then KBs 2x10s, 2x18s, 2×26, 2x35s, 2x53s, 2x70s and a Wall Ball (20/14)

Start at the 10s and toe tap one toe to touch the 10 then the other toe, then move to the next plate and so one

Once you get to the KB drop into a plank and tap each KB with one hand at a time as you plank walk to the end (at the Wall Ball Target)

Grab your respective Wall ball and hit your target 3 times

Then Drop and do 3 (full lockout and jump) Burpees

As soon as you finish you last burpee your next teammate can start

Options and Variations

Both feet touch the plate at the same time

More or less wall balls and/or burpees

Kids 3.3 (AMRAP – Reps)


15 Reverse Lunges

10 Hand Release Push Ups

5 Bent Over Rows

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