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3 Sets

1:00 Row

-Rest 0:30-

1:00 Ski

-Rest 0:30-

1:00 Bike

-Rest 0:30-

*Start at easy pace and build each round

Bermuda Triangle (Calories)


3 rounds

2 minute Max Calorie Row

-1 minute rest-

2 minute Max Calorie Ski

-1 minute rest-

2 minute Max Calorie Assault Bike

-1 minute rest-

*Score total calories for each round*

Athletes Notes


Target number of Calories each set: 80-120

Minimum number of Calories before scaling: 50


This workout is a active recovery type but still wanting to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone. Goal is trying to maintain a moderate/fast pace while keeping a consistent calorie count across the board.


The row will be the easiest part off the start so don’t come out to hot or to slow. Find that comfortable, moderate pace and hold on! The second round will be tougher but fight to stay within 5 calories of the start. Remind athletes to focus on long, and strong pulls while relaxing at the back of each pull to breathe.

Ski erg will tax the arms quick so remember to use total body. Cycling the arms out and relaxing them allowing the recoil to do the work back to the top will help in getting a breath between pulls.

Assault Bike will be the hardest part of the workout so push athletes to use the first 10-15 seconds to get the rpms rolling and then settle into a comfortable pace. Drive with the legs and Push/Pull with the arms while maintain a somewhat upright position to breathe.

If you have a bike and a rower, alternate rounds so you do 2 bike sets and 1 row in one round, then 2 row sets and 1 bike in the next.


The Scaling aim is for athletes to maintain a moderate pace across all machines for the given time frame. Keep time frames the same and make sure to adjust athletes intensity for consistent pacing for the workout.


If rower is unavailable then scale to a light sumo deadlift high pull or Run

Substitute ski erg to a light Sand Ball Slam, Burpees, or Run

For assault bike change to Air squats, Bike Erg , or Run


Run “Speed” Warm-Up

3 sets:

50m acceleration,

1-2min rest,

50m acceleration,

Full recovery (2-3min) b/t sets

Start from a standing position. Count your number of steps in each interval. Set 1: Focus on maximizing the number of steps by taking as short a stride as possible. Set 2: Focus on minimizing the number of steps by taking a big stride. Set 3: Focus on a normal cadence w/ proper mechanics.”

Nova Corps (2 Rounds for time)

2 Sets:

400m at your 1-mile PR pace, 90sec rest,

100m sprint, 100m walk,

200m sprint, 100m walk,

100m sprint,

Rest 8-10min b/t sets

Rich Froning Paces:

400m in 80sec,

100m in 14sec,

100m walk in 1min,

200m in 32sec,

100m walk in 1min,

100m in 14sec”

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