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1. Banded 5’s

2. Movement Prep/Activation and Increasing Heart Rate

2-3 sets

7 Russian Kettlebell swings (to eye level)

7 scap pulls

7 plank shoulder taps (each side)

4. Workout Prep

1 sets (at workout pace)

200m Run

7 Ketttlebell Swings

4 Pull Ups

Pyramid Double Helen (Time)


Run 1,200 meters

63 kettlebell swing (53/35)

36 pull-ups

Run 800 meters

42 kettlebell swings (53/35)

24 pull-ups

Run 400 meters

21 kettlebell swings (53/35)

12 pull-ups


The SCALING aim is to finish near the target time with fast runs and big unbroken sets

Scale to finish near the target score:

Run 1000 meters

63 kettlebell swing (35/26)

24 pull-ups

Run 600 meters

42 kettlebell swings (35/26)

16 pull-ups

Run 200 meters

21 kettlebell swings (35/26)

8 pull-ups

Athletes Notes


Target Time: sub 20 minutes

Time Cap: 25 minutes


This is a classic from the 2010 Games! It is about grip/pulling fatigue and managing a high heart rate throughout. You have to push the run pace or you will get left behind! We want to learn to find the reckless balance of how aggressive can our pacing be!


Run: This is the bulk of the workout so we have to stay running at a moderate to moderate/fast pace throughout! So come out with a 70-80% intensity and then kcik it up to 80-90% for the 800m and 400m. You should go straight into the kettlebell swings without any rest after the run!

Kettlebell Swings: These should be relatively light and fast! Go for the kettlebell snatch to speed them up if you can keep them unbroken.

Pull Ups: This is a relatively low rep count to what we usually do. Focus on a smooth tight Pull ups and hang on as long as you can since the run is right after and you will be able to let your grip recover.

Shoulder Press (1×3)


Work up to a Heavy 3 in 7 working sets

– rest 1-2 between sets –

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