Don’t let me down

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Don’t let me down (Time)

4RFT, with a Dumbbell (50/35):

10 Single Arm Over Head Lunges

10 Single Arm Hang Clean & Jerks

200m run

RX+: Each athlete is responsible for 1 DB that they must NOT put down during the WOD (even during the run). If the DB touches the ground IN ANY WAY (even by accident) the athlete must perform 10 burpees before they continue*


Scaling Option: less weight

*It is not necessary to alternate arms within the rounds, just be sure you do 1/2 the WOD with one arm and 1/2 with the other. ALSO, if you need to rest your grip…there are not rules on how you must hold the DB when you aren’t performing movements… try different positions to try and save that grip!*

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