Sled Dogs

P6 CrossFit – Team WOD

Basic Warm-up (No Measure)

200m run

10 air squats

10 pvc pass-throughs

10 figure 8’s

10 walking spidermans

10 russian baby makers

10 push-ups

10 v-ups

Sled Dogs (Time)

For time, with a partner:

2,000m row buy-in

30 Thrusters (95/65)

20 Sled Pushes (/)

10 Rope Climbs

20 Sled Pushes

30 Thrusters
*1 sled push = 50ft (all the way down the green in one direction)*

Scaling Options:

Thrusters: less weight

Sled: less weight

RC: 2x body pulls

*I’d prefer that everyone row, but if you can’t due to injury scaling is as follows:

Row: 4,000m bike, 1,600m run, 1,800m ski


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