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The Ultimate Guide to the 2021 CrossFit Open in North Georgia!

For any newbies out there, the CrossFit Open is the world largest participatory athletic event in history, and usually consists of 5 workouts spread across 5 weeks that aim to find the fittest people in the world. It is an absolute blast that has had over 500,000 people worldwide participate and they are expecting even more this year, by 35 total divisions, including 19 adaptive athlete divisions. Each week, on Thursday night, www.CrossFit.com will put out a workout that everyone will complete between then (that Thursday night) and Monday night. This year......

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Why Start Now?

Why Start Now? Let’s start answering this question with another question: What has held you back until now? Do you have that fear of being judged at the gym? You don’t know how to use the machines or don’t know how to do some of the basic or complex movements? You’re not sure that you are actually capable of sticking with it, or maybe you’re just not a “fitness person”? Whatever your reason, we understand. No one is immune; we are all human and no one wants to feel judged or foolish.   But let me tell......

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Stronger ..... Healthier ...... Prepared for Life

Stronger … Healthier … Prepared for Life Life is full of unexpected challenges. Imagine facing down work stress 👎, illness 💊, or a big life change 👶🍼👰 feeling unhealthy and rundown 💤. Now picture handling those challenges feeling strong, healthy, full of energy 💃, and well-rested. Our gym isn’t just about looking good and building muscle.  We’re preparing you for life 💥. Stronger 💪👌🙏 Who says being stronger isn’t life-changing when it means you possess the strength and endurance 🏃 to pick up and play with your children 👪 more? Strength 🏋 comes in many forms. To us it......

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Find Your Fitness Community

Find Your Fitness Community   Life throws curves at you each day ⚾Your alarm clock ⏰ doesn’t go off on time, your car 🚙 sputters its last breath at the most inconvenient spot possible, your boss 😈 changes the deadline for your assignment to a week earlier, and the kids 👪 refuse to eat the new “healthy alternative” 🍠🍉🍆 meal you’ve cooked up. Some days make you want to pull your hair out 💇, scream 😱 as loud as you can, and just give up 👎. Wait, wait, wait ⛔! Every day brings a new challenge, but......

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How To Become Sugar Savvy

How to Become Sugar Savvy If you’re having trouble meeting your nutrition, weight loss, or fitness goals — or just generally feeling tired and run down — you could be eating too much sugar. When we talk about sugar, most people think ice cream 🍦, cookies 🍪, or soda, but sugar lurks everywhere in processed, packaged food. Just because a product is labeled “organic,” “all natural,” or “gluten free,” doesn’t mean it’s healthy or “sugar free”. Before we get into how to figure out how much sugar you’re actually eating, let’s talk about the problem......

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The First Five Minutes of Your Day

The First Five Minutes Of Your Day How about this, I’m going to tell you that the first five minutes of your day 🌅 will determine whether it will be successful or not. You might be thinking, This is BS 💩; I’m not a morning 🌄 person, my mornings are always horrible, and I get to throw down my workouts at 5 PM after work 👷 and that is when I feel accomplished and successful 🏆. I’m sure I could list another fifty situations or events that are preconceptions of when your day is allowed to be......

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How to Outrun a Hippo

How to Outrun a Hippo Outrun 🏃 a hippo? Seriously? When you think hippo 🦛, you probably think the huge, gray mammal that seems to slowly put one gigantic foot in front of the other, meandering over to its next meal. Oh no, no, no, my friend… Hippos can move, and they can move really fast when they want to! You can probably easily pass a tortoise 🐢, but perhaps outrunning a cheetah is currently out of reach. So let’s set our sights 🔭 on the hippo! So… what’s it gonna take for you to......

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Body Positivity........or Neutrality

Body Positivity ….. or Neutrality?  The body positivity movement originated in the 1960s. The concept — that you should feel good 😎 about yourself and love 💕 your body no matter your size — has become an Instagram-friendly buzzword in recent years. Body positivity is a wonderful thing, but many people run into trouble when they focus so much on their appearance, even if it comes from a place of acceptance and love. Enter 🚪 body neutrality. What is body neutrality? Let’s be real: most people don’t love ❤💙💜 their bodies ALL the time. We......

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Pre Workout Nutrition: What to eat before you exercise

Pre-Workout Nutrition  What to eat before you exercise: Fueling correctly before your workout will help you perform better and recover quickly. Ideally, you want to have energy 🚀during the workout without feeling too full. Here’s how to achieve that ideal balance, whether you workout 🏋 first thing in the morning, mid-day, or in the evening 🌙. If you have time: eat two to three hours before working out A good rule of thumb is to eat a meal containing carbs, protein, and fat about two to three hours before working out. Pre-workout protein can help you maintain or increase......

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