Why Start Now?

Why Start Now?

Let’s start answering this question with another question: What has held you back until now?

Do you have that fear of being judged at the gym? You don’t know how to use the machines or don’t know how to do some of the basic or complex movements? You’re not sure that you are actually capable of sticking with it, or maybe you’re just not a “fitness person”?

Whatever your reason, we understand. No one is immune; we are all human and no one wants to feel judged or foolish.


But let me tell you: The time to start is now ⏲

Our community is full of people like you who were scared and unsure at first and who now have made exercise 🏃a part of their daily routine.


We will break down those walls through education, motivation, and confidence in your abilities 📌

Not sure how to do one of the movements in a workout? We will teach you. Not sure you can force yourself to get to the gym every night 🌜after a long day at work? We will motivate you 🌈! Don’t think you have it in you to get through an entire workout when it’s been months (or years) since you’ve exercised? We will help you build the confidence to do so and cheer 🎉 you on!

This self-assurance will be achieved by creating a sense of teamwork and fun 😁 in a healthy 🍎, enjoyable environment. There isn’t anything in these past couple sentences that’s not to like, right 💪?

Rarely does a person ever comment that he or she has enough time to accomplish everything that needs to be done. So, is it possible that you are putting off getting into shape because of guilt 😢? Guilt that you are at a gym, instead of completing some other task? We know, taking precious time away from work or family to run on a hamster wheel or climbing pretend stairs for self-improvement can create anxiety or feelings of neglect in other aspects of your life. This is especially true if your routine lacks efficiency and results!

But, an efficient, effective, well-organized, and proficiently led program can alleviate those feelings of guilt. Time is a commodity and so is your health, so let’s make the most of both as a team. And the time we take together to focus on improvement, health, and positivity will guarantee we are happier 😇, healthier 😍, more productive wives and husbands, fathers and mothers, students and professionals. So the time that we put into the gym and our workouts will only improve our health and increase the quality of our time we spend with family, friends, and work.

Given the chance, would you increase the amount of time you have, or would you increase the quality of the time you already have? Having more time in the day may be nice, but really, fully enjoying and getting the most out of the time we do have wins, hands-down!

Along with quality time, self-image is important. It’s so much more than just the way we look; it truly is about how we feel in our bodies. How we feel about ourselves affects our mood, and our mood affects the way we face the world 🌎, don’t shortchange yourself.


Why start now? Why not start now? 🔥

Surround yourself with like-minded people who also want to live a fit, clean lifestyle. The key to happiness is not just indulging your senses with pleasure; happiness and inner peace are also dependent on a sense of accomplishment, overcoming obstacles, and breaking our own barriers through physical exertion. It’s a primal instinct and it will help you unlock your best self, so what are you waiting for? Let’s incorporate fitness and wellness in a comprehensive fitness regimen. Your body is capable of much more than you are giving it credit for. Unlock 🔓 your best self with a holistic 🍎 approach to health and wellness combined with tenacity and the iron-willed mindset of a warrior. You! 

That’s why it’s time to start now!





A collaboration with Uplaunch and P6 CrossFit

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