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Warm Up Games “PVC Traffic” (No Measure)

Class Size

Medium to larger class, 8+


Not have any dowels drop to the ground.


Athletes each get a dowel, and stand in a circle with the dowel in front of them, vertically. They can keep the dowel upright with one hand and the other hand goes behind their backs.

The coach will call a direction (ex. RIGHT). Each athlete leaves their dowel where is is, but moves one position right, in time to catch or steady the next dowel in front of their new position before it drops.

If a dowel drops, give the entire group a penalty (eg. 1 burpees, hold bottom position of OH PVC squat for 5 seconds).

Options and Variations

You can make the directions more complicated by going faster, or adding more instructions (eg. RIGHT-RIGHT-LEFT)

You can call out specific athletes to switch positions across the circle by listing two names.

You can say Right=Left and Left=Right

You can have them clap before they can grab the next PVC

Penalty if they don’t beat their previous record

Bones (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

3 Rounds of AMRAP 5:

10 Weighted Ground to Overhead

20 Alternating Step Back Lunges

30 Jumping Jacks

Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Pick up where you left off on the previous round

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