Don’t forget to check out our 2021 Health and Fitness Challenge
Let’s get our 50 squats for our American Cancer Society fundraisers in within the class time! (can be part of our warm up, cool down, or if programmed then makes them count as well)
2020 Christmas and New Year Schedule

Thursday December 24th: 1 Class, Christmas WOD at Noon

Friday December 25th: Closed

Saturday December 26th: Closed

Thursday December 31st: 1 Class, END OF 2020 WOD

Friday January 1st: 1 Class, New Year WOD Let’s Bring in 2021 Right!

P6 CrossFit – CrossFit

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1. Hinshaw Warm up

Perform each drill for 10m out, then walk back

High knee karaoke (over, over, walk, walk)

Over hurdle (heel, toe)

Knee to chest

Figure 4 (1 sec)

Lunge with reach overhead

Lunge torso twist (Pull hand)

Toy soldiers

High knee + arm swing

Butt kick + arm swing

Straight Leg (shallow heel)

20m out walk back

Side step out and back

Side step jumping jack out and back


Sitting arm swing (Elbow down and back) 20 sec

Standing arm swing (Elbow down and back) 20 sec

Perform each drill for 10m

Toes out walk

Toes in walk

Heels walk

Toes walk

Outside Foot walk

Inside Foot walk

50m hash marks (fast feet) forwards & backwards

30m (20m speed up, 10m to slow down)

45m (35m speed up, 10m to slow down)

60m (50m speed up, 10m to slow down)

Sonny (Distance)

Bike Erg

Warm-up: 5min from easy to mod

2 sets:

3x (30sec hard (100rpm), 30sec easy (80rpm))

2min recovery (50rpm)

6min mod (70rpm),

3min easy (80rpm)

6min mod (70rpm),

3min easy (80rpm)

2min cool down recovery (50rpm)

Total: 55min

Unforgiven (Distance)


4 sets

2:00 (moderate/fast)

0:30 walk

1:30 (fast)

0:30 walk

1:00 (faster)

0:30 walk


This workout’s focus is recovering during our walks and maintaining our paces for time domains that decrease with increasing intensity.

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